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Kathleen Finlay

Born in Montreal on April 7th in 1969

photographer born in Quebec living in Paris.

Bachelor of Fine Arts from York University in Toronto in 1992

Exhobits since 2000

Born in Montreal on April 7, 1969 , Kathleen Finlay received a Bachelor of Fine Arts from York University in Toronto in 1992.

She established herself there as a successful advertising and editorial photographer, specializing in portrait and food photography. She exhibited her fine art projects in Toronto exclusively at Gallery One from 2000 to 2011 in several solo exhibitions.

Her work was exhibited by Cirque du Soleil in 2006 and 2007 in Dubai, the United States and Australia. In 2011, Starfall , written by Diana Kolpak was published by Red Deer Press and exhibited at Gallery One (2008), TOHU , Montreal (2010) , Harbourfront Centre , Toronto (2012).

Her insatiable curiosity has led her to work on a variety of projects in the diverse fields of litterature, gastronomy, the circus arts. She has been living in Paris since 2013 in Paris and works between Paris and Toronto.


"Kathleen’s images transport us beyond the visible. At first glance, we observe the velvet texture of the paper, the chiseled lighting, the definition in the smallest details. The most subtle colors and shadows catch our gaze and transform her photography into the truest pictorial aesthetic.

The images swim against the current of a mass consumerist culture where too much plenty drowns the senses. The photographs seek purity and an attempt to bring us back to the essence of things.

The simplest marble transforms itself into a universe, the humble tree seed becomes an entity.

And all around, the empty spaces give immensity to the smallest of things, a meditation on life and its absence.

Each object evokes existence and at the same time its evanescence. A fleeting beauty that remains suspended in a photograph.

The bright fruit flavor, the fresh fish scales, the texture of the plastic bag, the shellfish so far away from the ocean and the pipe without its smoke… Everything feels so present. So clear, so obvious. And yet, outside of the frame, time is slipping away.

Shadows fighting with the light for what life steals from oblivion in a permanent back and forth. The clarity of the crumpled linen underneath this languid flower and in the blackness that surrounds the antlers of the animal, an old book ajar…

Resonating with the simplicity of the vanities, Kathleen explores the artists’ studios.  There, time is deposited in successive layers, moments accumulate matter where the eye gets lost; the sink where the sculptures have been cast is frozen by years of plaster layers, the blackened tools of the printmaker, gleaned cartridges at the mercy of wars past , the pastels of a grandfather and worn brushes.

So many lives spent in the act of creation like flickers from a flame .

But it is perhaps here that the human is immortalized; because the moment of creation, can be preserved. When a work leaves its mark, through the ages, and it transcends legacies ,  this world is made eternal in its ability to share."

Séverine Plat-Monin




Editor Séverine Plat-Monin

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