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Philippe Charles Jacquet - Lionel Tran

September 16th - October 16th 2021

Paintings - Sculptures - Dialogues

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It is with great pleasure that, for the first time, we are organizing an exhibition featuring a painter and a sculptor: Philippe Charles Jacquet and Lionel Tran. Bringing together these two artists seemed obvious to us!

DIALOGUE is the title, everything seems to oppose these two artists, and yet their works respond to each other, echoing harmony and poetry. We could also have called this exhibition "crossed views" ...

Opposite techniques but the same level of precision and detail: solids, drips and glazes for oils on wood by Philippe Charles Jacquet. Raw sheet steel, plasma cutting, welding for Lionel Tran's sculptures ... But visions that converge: imagination,… Read more

"Beauty is in the eye of the one who looks"

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