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James Mackeown

From April 10th to May 18th 2018 - Recent works from the book " A studio in Paimpol"

This exhibition is exceptional. After James MacKeown moved to Brittany, Falaises Editions published a very new book, "A studio in Paimpol".

All the oils of canvas printed in this book will be presented in the gallery from April 10th to May 18th.


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I'd been going to Brittany since chilhood, staying in Erquy on the Côte d'Emeraude in a house whose windows looked out where grey skies and viridian seas caressed raw sienna beaches. It was an area that attracted me and in which I felt at home ../..

The Brittany light filtered through into Normandy paintings and helped balance against the stone beaches and long white cliffs that perch tall and proud, catching the evening light along the Etretat coast where I lived ../..

And I wanted a studio in Paimpol!

So quite suddenly we moved ../..

I had not expected to find such beauty hidden in full view only an hour from Erquy, tucked around the… Read more

"Beauty is in the eye of the one who looks"

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