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Ronan OLIER - Official Painter of the French Navy

November 16th - December 26th 2017 - Memories of a tourist in Venice, Lake Como and Brittany

Oils on canvas and gouaches






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Memories of a tourist ...

This nice title is borrowed  from Stendhal. Sensitivity, delicate and cultured

variety of his travel notes is still  delighting me today.

I'm looking for the link between Venice, Lake Como and Brittany.

I did see scampi at Rialto Maket, isn't it a little weak as a ttransition  and ?

I think hard ............... BOATS , this is the weak, ad a treble clef,  a nice ampersand ...

Boats, gondolas, ferries, schooners, vaporettos, lifeboats, rivas, frigates ..........

THE BOATS, some painting, skys, water… Read more

"Beauty is in the eye of the one who looks"

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